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This place belongs to me. It was my first web page on space provided by my ISP. That was back when the Internet was a strange and wonderful place. Now it is just strange. I had a 15 meg limit on size. Yes, I said "meg". Not Gig or Terra or other large sizes. No typo here. It is amazing what one can do with just 15 megs. And I still have most of it left. :)

AT&T has seen fit to remove the old Prodigy web space so I moved this strange and wonderful place here.

A Strange and Wonderful Place is XHTML+RDFa compliant and valid. What does that mean? I am not sure, but it was interesting converting the page over.

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County Station USA Mall

Earth is a big place with many wonderful things to see and do. Knowing where you want to go is not the same as knowing *about* where you want to go. It is just as important to know about the place you want to visit as it is to know where you want to visit. What are the customs of the place? What is the culture of the people there? What sort of transportation is available? Major airports? What airlines serve the airports? What kind of lodging is available? Knowing the answers to these and other such questions can save you a lot of headaches when you travel. Come on in! Let us show you around!

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Drop by Lamar County Station

Lamar County Station

Lamar County Texas is where I live now. On Lamar County Station you will find all the information you need, or can stand, about Lamar County Texas. Gently rolling hills, open spaces, wooded areas, lakes, the beautiful Culbertson Fountain and a 65 foot tall Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat are just some of the reasons to visit the cities and towns in Lamar County Texas. Friendly people, cultural events, historic places, scenic views, and recreational areas, are sure to entertain, delight and keep you coming back for more. :)

Visit Collin County Station

Collin County Station

Collin County Texas is where I used live. On Collin County Station you will find all the information you need, or can stand, about Collin County Texas. Collin County is a unique blend of new leading edge urban mixed with traditional rural values. A little bit country and a little bit cosmopolitan with a whole lot of friendly makes this an enviable home in the heart of North Texas. :)

Drop in on Squeaky Clean Complete Mobile Car Wash and Auto Detailing

If you are in Lamar County Texas and need your car washed you might try them. They are a completely mobile car wash and auto detailing service in Paris Texas. They come to your home or place of business.

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USA Government Information
This page provides some information about the Government of the United States of America.
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